Admissions Policy

Admission to the school is broadly open. We admit to any year group that has available spaces. We admit pupils from a diverse range of backgrounds and are committed to treating everyone equally. We welcome pupils with special educational needs, providing that we can offer them the support they require (see SEN policy).

Admissions Procedure

Our admissions procedure normally consists of:

  • Application
  • Assessment
  • Admission

All applicants will be offered a place depending on:

  • Their age in year of entry
  • Previous school reports
  • Successfully passing the assessment test

Admission of pupils with SEN

No child will be refused a place at the school on the basis of Special Educational Needs, and the school understands the importance of ensuring that we provide suitable provision. However, the school would not be able offer a place to a child if acceptance would entail unreasonable school expenditure despite all efforts being made and possibilities considered and / or if the school’s acceptance of the child would be to the detriment of other pupils in the school. If at initial assessment the child’s needs are deemed such that a specialist report for appropriate identification of support required is needed, the parents are responsible for providing the applicable report before acceptance of admission can be considered. If there is a recommendation that the child needs LSA support to support learning, the cost of this will be passed onto parents in line with the school fee policy.

If a child is receiving specialist services, such as Speech and Language Therapy, parents are responsible for providing the school with all relevant information, both at the admissions stage and once they have joined the school. If a child is not receiving specialist services, despite an Educational Psychologist report or other specialist providers recommendation saying this is important to the child’s development and progress, the school has the right to refuse admission, and if relevant, re-admission to that child.


According to the changes made by the KHDA, an applicant’s age is taken on 31st December for consideration into Foundation Stage and Year 1. For all other year groups, the age is taken on the 1st September. In some special cases, a placement form maybe required.


Following an initial enquiry it is encouraged that parents go on a tour of the school then collect and fill in an initial assessment form. All relevant information must be provided as asked for on this form as failure to do so might result in the initial assessment being invalid and re-assessment being needed as an additional cost.


Parents are required to pay a non-refundable assessment fee at the time of registering for an assessment. The assessment will be carried out by the Phase Leader and, if appropriate, the Head of Learning Support. Following the assessment, parents receive a decision via telephone within 24 hours and this is followed up by a confirmation email within three working days.

In Foundation Stage the assessment process involves an assessment with the Phase Leader.

In Primary the assessment involves sitting an age appropriate assessment which assesses the child’s reading, writing and mathematical ability.

Pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN) are assessed by both the Phase Leader and Head of Learning Support. Parents are asked to provide copies of any medical, specialist reports or psychologist’s reports detailing the child’s specific needs and any special arrangements that need to be made prior to assessment. The school will then determine whether the child’s needs can be accommodated; please refer to SEN policy for more detail.


Upon successful completion of the assessment an offer letter will be sent to parents detailing the next steps in the process. Upon receipt of the offer letter, parents have 5 working days to decide whether to accept the place. After this time the offer of a place will be deemed not to be required.In order to secure a place, an admissions fee of 500 AED and a tuition deposit of 4000 AED are required, together with all the required documents as shown below and completed forms required for registration.


  • Completed Registration Form
  • Copy of the student(s), mother and father’s passport with the valid visa of the UAE(2)
  • Original Emirates I.D./Copies for the student(s) and father or mother (2)
  • Six Passport size photographs (6)
  • Copies of Birth Certificate in English or Arabic(2)
  • Copy of most recent school report, including examination results (1)
  • Copies of any applicable external reports e.g. speech therapy (Full details and copies of any Special Educational Needs referrals and any relevant reports should be on an Official letterhead) (1)
  • Copies of immunization records (2)
  • Original AND copies of transfer certificate; including
  • Full name and detail of school
  • Full name of applicant
  • Date of Birth
  • Date of enrolment at school
  • Grade / level / year group upon leaving
  • Date of leaving school
  • Curriculum offered at school
  • Indication of whether attained ‘PASS’ or “FAIL” for last level

For students coming from Dubai we do not need a transfer certificate as this will be sent online from the student(s) previous school.

For student(s) coming from outside of the UAE, the Transfer Certificate must be:

  • Attested by the Education Officer of the Zone / District / Area, from where the TC has been obtained.
  • Have the seal and signature of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For student(s) coming from Gulf countries other than the UAE, the Transfer Certificate must be:

  • Attested by the Ministry of Education of that country

For student(s) coming from Emirates other than Dubai, the Transfer Certificate must be:

  • Attested by the Ministry of Education of that Emirate