Learning a language is a process that requires considerable time and practice; however it is one of the most rewarding things your child can learn in school.

The Arabic language classes at Star International School-Mirdif are divided into two sections:
• Arabic for native Arab speakers (Arabic A)
• Arabic for non-native speakers (Arabic B)

The curriculum for Arabic A follows the UAE Ministry of Education scheme and is enhanced by a range of resources and activities that promote active and purposeful learning. Children are also encouraged to borrow Arabic books from the school library to ensure that they extend their appreciation of Arabic literature.

The Arabic B classes are divided into differentiated levels within each year group to help ensure that appropriate support is provided for each student.

Support for your child
The Arabic department prides itself on the programme it has put in place to support new students who may be studying Arabic for the first time or those who may have only studied Arabic for a few years. Differentiation and appropriate support helps to ensure that the curriculum meets the needs of all students.

As a school we believe that it is vital to promote the Arabic language beyond the Arabic classroom and we try to integrate it into as many areas of school life as possible.

Arabic week is an annual event that provides the students with an opportunity to reflect and demonstrate their learning. Displays of the students’ projects, competitions, an Arabic book fair and a special Arabic assembly form part of this exciting and interactive week that students enjoy sharing with their peers and families.