Curriculum Overview

At Star International School, our curriculum is designed to deliver the key objectives of the British National Curriculum, while also developing key skills for each subject through a creative, stimulating approach to learning. In addition to this, we strive to expose children to a diverse range of learning opportunities which celebrate the incredible range of cultures present here in the UAE and alongside the rest of the world. In particular, our curriculum focuses on themes throughout the year which aim to inform children about the history of the UAE and Britain in a meaningful and innovative way.

In Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, core subjects including Maths, English and Science are taught; making links to themes where possible. History, Geography, Art and DT incorporate the current theme being taught. Other key subjects taught by Specialist teachers include Arabic, Islamic, Music, Computing and PE.

Themes are selected in order to enthuse children and create opportunities for cross-curricular learning, helping children to make sense of the diverse world we live in and providing a real-life context for the key objectives which make up the British National Curriculum. Objectives linked to each theme will be provided as part of our Curriculum Overviews at the beginning of each new theme. In addition to this, home learning tasks and Pick and Choose Projects will also link to themes where appropriate.

We believe that the more information parents have about the school curriculum, the better they are to support their children at home. If you have any further questions regarding the curriculum, please do not hesitate to contact your class teacher or the relevant Head of Department: Ms Amani (Arabic Department), Mrs Hollie (KS1 Leader) or Mr Andrew (KS2 Leader).