Islamic Education is a compulsory subject for Muslim students. It is taught in Arabic for Native Arabic speakers and in English for those students who do not speak Arabic as their first language.

The Islamic Department follows the Ministry of Education curriculum. Learning Islamic concepts are combined with practical learning at Star International School and related to real life examples were possible.

Our enthusiastic and dedicated teachers explain prescribed Islamic topics that include Hadiths, Aqidah(Faith), and Akhlaq(Manners), Islamic History, Islamic Social Studies together with the appropriate Surahs from the Noble Qur’an.

Our Islamic Education programme is also enhanced by extra Qu’ran recitation and memorisation at our popular Quran club. Our Eid socials are also times for the community to share these important celebrations.

We believe that an educational partnership between school and home is vital and we strive to ensure that progress and attainment are shared with both students and their parents.