Our Values

Secure a welcoming and stimulating environment, with modern facilities where everyone feels valued, respected and safe;

Teach a broad, balanced, creative curriculum which equips children with the skills they need for an ever changing world;

Attain consistently high standards of achievement and behaviour for all;

Regard parents as partners in their child’s learning and ensure close communication between home and school.

Our Aims

Our aims are to:

  • provide a broad, balanced and creative curriculum, enabling all children to achieve and enjoy;
  • set high expectations and give every learner the confidence that they can succeed;
  • develop an ethos of mutual respect and co-operation;
  • create an environment in which children feel happy, secure and valued;
  • encourage all members of the school community to contribute to building and sustaining success;
  • promote links with the wider community and encourage respect for our diverse society;
  • celebrate the achievements of all children.

Our Shared Values

Our shared values are central to achieving our aims and sustaining the positive ethos of our school. They are evident in the daily life of the school and guide us in our day to day learning, thinking and decision making.

We all show that we value:

  • Honesty by telling the truth and being true to our word;
  • Respect by valuing the diversity, rights and property of others;
  • Friendship by showing consideration to others;
  • Responsibility by contributing positively to our whole school community, by accepting the consequences of our actions and by agreeing and following simple rules;
  • Endeavour by striving to achieve our best and valuing the achievements of others;
  • Contribution by working together to achieve our aims;
  • Enjoyment through active involvement in school life and making the most of our opportunities.