Every child is born with a natural sense of enquiry, and through our Science lessons we aim to harness and develop this to produce life-long, memorable learning. Our enquiry based approach allows children to investigate ideas and come to their own conclusions about the world around them. Every Science lesson will involve at least one type of enquiry.

The five types of enquiry are:
• Observing over time
• Identifying and classifying
• Pattern seeking
• Research (using secondary sources)
• Fair testing

Once children are familiar with the skills associated with enquiry, they will be able to apply these to other curriculum areas and to their lives outside of school. Our Science lessons encourage innovation and problem solving, and create resilient and methodical learners.

Like in everything we do at Star, children are at the centre of our Science teaching. During Science lessons children will be encouraged to ask questions, discuss their learning and suggest ideas. Teachers will then incorporate this child’s-eye view into their lessons. In this way, children have ownership over their learning.

Our children delight in their Science lessons, and our teaching ensures this attitude is nurtured. Children will leave Star International School as confident and knowledgeable Scientists, who possess in depth investigative skills and a life-long love of Science.