Our admissions procedure consists of:
1. Application
2. Assessment
3. Registration

Step One: Application

Following an initial enquiry Parents are asked to fill in an initial assessment form. Assessment forms can be obtained from the website click here or from the Admissions Office in the school. Parents are required to fill the form and submit it to the registrar along with the following:
• One recent passport size photograph of the child
• Copy of the most recent school/ nursery reports
• Copy of any medical, specialist reports or psychologist’s reports for children with special needs
• A non-refundable assessment fee if child is accepted by the school
For Children with additional learning needs parents are required to submit educational psychologist report or any appropriate therapist reports.

Step two: Assessment

On the submission of the above requirement, the registrar will schedule an assessment for your child. Assessments are carried out by phase leaders or a member of the assessment team. In foundation stage observed play will be the area of focus and the primary assessment will be replaced with a more formal, age appropriate assessment in Reading, Mathematics and English language. Pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN) are assessed by both the Phase Leader and Head of Learning Support. Parents are asked to provide copies of any medical, specialist reports or psychologist’s reports detailing the child’s specific needs and any special arrangements that need to be made prior to assessment. The school will then determine whether the child’s needs can be accommodated; please refer to the school’s SEN policy for more details.

Step three: Registration

Upon successful completion of the assessment an offer letter will be sent to parents. Once you receive the offer you will need to email the listed below documents to complete the admission process. You can also bring these documents uploaded on a USB drive.
You will then be asked to pay a non-refundable admissions fee of AED 500 and a 10% tuition fee deposit to the Accountant.
DOCUMENTS required for registration:
• Completed Registration Form
• Copy of the applicant’s passport with valid UAE Visa
• Copy of applicant’s Emirates ID card
• Copy of the applicant’s birth certificate (in English or Arabic)
• Copy of applicant’s immunization records
• Previous school/ nursery reports
• Original transfer certificate
• 4 recent passport size photographs
• Copy of the parents/sponsor Emirates ID card
• Copy of the parents/sponsor passport with valid UAE Visa
• Copy of any applicable external reports e.g. speech therapy (Full details and copies of any Special Educational Needs referrals and any relevant reports should be on an Official letterhead)


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