Star International School Mirdif has implemented a robust, research backed and engaging, distance learning program. This was done with the support of our talented teachers and we have also adapted based upon the feedback of parents and students throughout.
The below video from our Vice Principal Mr Neal Oates goes through the key features of our distance learning program.

Our Distance Learning Platforms

Star International School Mirdif is a Google school and as such every child is provided with a free G-Suite for education account. This allows them to access various applications and give security in that the school has full control of these accounts centrally. It also ensures that our platforms only have students accessing them who are a part of our school community. Safety comes first in all aspects of our distance learning program.

EYFS – Year 4 

Year 5 – Secondary

From EYFS to Year 4 we use SeeSaw as our main platform to deliver distance learning. This is a widely used and secure digital journal, which allows our teachers to send out pre-recorded lessons and activities which can be completed within the application itself. It also allows for parents and teachers to communicate with each other.

In Year 5 to year 8 we use Google Classroom as our main application. Again this is a secure and widely used platform for digital learning. This has similar features to SeeSaw but is more suited to older students who are more independent. Communication with teachers in these age groups is done via email.

Live Lessons

Live Lessons at Star International School Mirdif are conducted throughout each week based upon where Live Teaching best suits the learning. The research on this approach and a more detailed overview can be found in our distance learning strategy document found HERE.


As such class teachers in EYFS/Primary and Form Tutors in Secondary will share out a live lesson timetable every Thursday which outlines when live lessons will take place in the following week. This allows parents and students time to make arrangements over being available for the sessions. Teachers use their professional judgement as to when these will occur and we also ensure they are recorded for those students and parents unable to attend.


Our live lessons have been very well received and parent and student feedback is excellent. Whilst no substitute to the magic of a real live classroom, we feel confident that our live distance learning lessons are purposeful and have impact.


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