Following only the best Curriculum
Star International School Mirdif follows the National Curriculum for England; this is delivered by British qualified staff to students from Foundation Stage to Year 11. In the academic year 2019 the school opened its secondary section with Year 7 and Year 8. The school has is now offering education up to Year 11 and will be opening Sixth Form in 2023-24. The curriculum is taught through a very interesting and innovative themed approach which excites and inspires our young minds to:
Become curious about the world around them
Think critically about problems and issues which arise
Problem solve and become independent learners
Learning takes place everywhere: in the classroom, moving through the corridors, in the canteen, on educational trips, in assemblies… indeed the places are endless! Learning might be academic or understanding the social mechanisms that we have to learn in order to become well-rounded citizens.
Within Star International, we are proud to deliver a creative and skills-based approach to teaching, enriched in awe and wonder that incorporates the objectives associated with the British Curriculum. Our Curriculum is taught in such a way that we link children’s learning to six themes across the entire year. This thematic approach helps to provide real-life context to children’s learning; we call this our Concept-Curriculum. These themes not only help provide an excellent context to learning, but they also celebrate our international cultures both from a British perspective and an Emirati one too


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