In order to achieve this vision, teaching and learning will always be underpinned by ‘Three Pillars of Learning’


Learning for self is an individual journey on how children can achieve the best of themselves. Children will reflect on the following questions on a daily basis:

  • How can I challenge myself?
  • How can I solve problems that might inhibit my learning?
  • How can I be resilient?
  • What new skills can I learn for my future success?

In Star International, children are taught how a growth mindset can open doors such that they can independently be responsible for their learning. Through exposure to this mind set they will be empowered to work independently, investigate, question, debate, trial new things, make mistakes and learn from them. Children in effect, become risk takers and are resilient in their learning. They adopt a positive ‘I Can’ attitude to learning, understanding that if they can’t find a solution one way, they have to be resilient and try again. Through the avenue of data analysis of CAT 4 and GL tests, children will understand their strengths and areas for development. They will understand effective strategies that they can use to effectively improve their learning, giving them a holistic skill platform to make that positive impact in the local, national and global contexts.

Star International Mirdif aspires to create children who have an ’I CAN’  attitude where there are no limits to learning.


Our world is rapidly changing! It is changing in many different areas, sometimes to enhance the quality of our lives through technology, transport and medical discoveries, but at other times to reflect upon our behaviours and change them in order to protect and preserve our planet.

Climate change, sustainability and the use of non-recyclable / renewable materials are all challenges which future generations in the C21st will have to find solutions to.

The introduction of ‘The 5C’s” will enable children to have the opportunity to take responsibility and ownership of these C21st challenges.

  1. Communicate
  2. Collaborate
  3. Think Critically
  4. Be Creative
  5. ’I CAN’ attitude

By using the 5C’s Star International Mirdif will support a child in acquiring the necessary C21st skills to function in our ever changing world.


Each child is unique. Star International Mirdif recognises that all children learn in many different ways and at different rates. Star promotes an inclusive attitude from everyone, which enables all children to have access to the curriculum in order to support, challenge and ensure ALL children reach their full potential.

Star International Mirdif also recognises the need for staff to reach their learning potential. Star fully supports and empowers adults, within the context of school, to move their learning forward in order to achieve their own aspirations and goals.



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