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Please look carefully through the 2019 Parents’ Handbook which contains all the information you need to know about the day to day routines of the school.
You can download the PDF version HERE

School timings

7.40am        Doors open
7:55am         National Anthem and Registration
8.00am        Lessons begin
1.00pm        End of the day (Foundation Stage)
2.45pm        End of the day (Primary)
When the doors open at 7.40am, Year 1, 2 and 3 parents are welcome to take their child to their classroom to settle down. The class teacher will meet children in the classroom; if you wish to meet or chat with the class teacher and it will take longer than a quick couple of sentences then please leave until the end of the day. The class teacher can then chat with you in more detail and offer quality time to you. Parents with children in years 4, 5, and 6, please allow children to go to classrooms independently. At the end of the day, children are collected from their classrooms or meeting point. If you are running late, please contact reception so that a message can be given to the class teacher.
7.40am         Welcome to Classroom
7.55am          National Anthem and Registration for ALL children.
8.00am         Phonics
8.30am         Continuous Provision
10.10am       Snack and Playtime
10.40am       Curriculum Time
12.00pm       End of the school day FS1.
1.00pm         End of the school day FS2.
Please note, ECAs are NOT offered to children in FS
7.40am       Welcome to Classroom
7.55am       National Anthem and Registration
8.00am      Session 1 Begins
8.55am       Session 2
9:50am       Snack and Playtime – Cereal Bar or Fruit only
10.10am      Session 3
11.05am      Session 4
12:00pm    Lunch and Playtime
12.40pm    Session 5
1.35pm       Session 6
2.30pm      School activities/PSHE/ Moral Education
2:45pm      End of school
3:00pm      After-school activities
7.40am                           Welcome to Classroom
7.55am – 8.10am        National Anthem and Registration
8.15am                             Session 1 Begins
3:10pm                            End of school
3:15pm  – 4.00pm     After-school activities – ECAs


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