Digital Learning & ICT

At Star International School, Mirdif, education and technology intertwine to shape the future of our students’ learning in the Digital Age. Our commitment to excellence is evident through our incorporation of cutting-edge technology into our students’ educational experience.

Students embark on personalised educational journeys that align with the demands of the digital age from Year 3, when each student receives a personalised Chromebook, igniting a drive for exploration, creativity, and collaboration. 

Even our youngest learners in Key Stage 1 are introduced to the wonders of technology in a safe and responsible manner. iPads in the classroom inspire creativity and curiosity, while our emphasis on digital safety ensures that students develop a foundation of secure and ethical technology use from the very start of their educational journey. Through guided interactions with technology, we foster within our students not only inquisitiveness but also understanding of how to navigate the digital world responsibly.


Our students benefit from customised learning paths that are designed to address their individual strengths and areas for growth, thanks to insights provided by AI-powered Century Tech. From Key Stage 1 and beyond, augmented and virtual reality breathe life into abstract concepts, taking students on captivating learning journeys that escape the limits of conventional classrooms.

Through a technologically enriched atmosphere, we empower students to thrive in the digital era. Our goal is not only to develop proficiency but also to instil a genuine passion for lifelong learning. At Star International School, Mirdif, we take pride in our dedication to nurturing brilliance that goes beyond the ordinary.