Music, Art & Performing Arts

The expressive arts are celebrated in our school, giving every child the opportunity to embrace their creativity and develop their confidence across Art, Music and Performing Arts. The expressive arts is a faculty we embrace and value immensely.

Art and Design

We offer Art and Design lessons from Year 1 to Year 11, with students choosing to specialise in either Fine Art or Graphic Communications for GCSE. We have state-of-the art facilities with a wide range of materials and resources allowing our students to access a range of excellent artistic practices. Students are given the opportunity to grow and develop their creativity throughout their entire time here at Star International School, Mirdif. We also provide many opportunities to celebrate student success and achievement through our whole school exhibitions, giving our students a platform for further artistic expression. 


Performing Arts

We have Performing Arts classes for students from Years 3 through to the secondary phase of school. With students accessing a range of performance-based skills, oracy development and the chance to write, direct and perform their pieces as part of our annual Expressive Arts Week and end of year performance. Students gain confidence in performance, public speaking, acting and script writing - wonderfully transferable skills for whichever future pathway our students choose to take. 


We offer music lessons in Years 1 - 9 by our passionate music teachers. We have two excellent rooms for creating, practising and playing music, along with a wide selection of instruments. Students gain a wide variety of knowledge and skills and put them into practice as part of a number of performances throughout the year. 

Across the expressive arts, our facilities, along with our exceptional teachers, allow our students to fully experience and appreciate all aspects of producing and executing dramatic, musical performance and artistic expression. We continue to embrace creativity and expression throughout all phases of school.