British International Primary School

Our engaging and creative ‘Awe and Wonder’ curriculum enables inspiring learning opportunities which ‘go beyond’ the British National Curriculum for England. We are extremely proud of the varied and meaningful learning opportunities that we provide across the curriculum. 

We provide a rich, broad, purposeful awe and wonder curriculum, where there is no glass ceiling for our students. We promote a growth mindset where students are expected to develop learning dispositions such as being curious, self-motivated, and confident to be risk-takers and collaborators. To further enhance our curriculum we integrate AI technology such as Century Tech to elevate our students' learning experiences.

We teach children to ask big questions, challenge ideas to solve problems, and respond to the world around them. We ensure each child practices taking risks, learning from mistakes, and persevering towards achieving their personal best.


We believe children learn best when:

  • Teachers have high expectations of all children’s learning and provide appropriate scaffolds to support all children to achieve.
    Subjects are taught discretely, so that both the knowledge and skills of the subject can be explicitly taught.
  • Units of work are planned in advance and fully resourced so that learning can be carefully sequenced and a variety of learning activities included.
  • The curriculum provides a clear progression model, supporting the layering of new knowledge on secure foundations and enabling children to build confidence in their understanding of theories.
  • Units are planned to incorporate learning from cognitive science: spaced retrieval practice, formative low-stakes testing, and strategies to build fluency.
  • Opportunities to practise new learning are embedded so that new knowledge is internalised and new skills become fluent and automatic.
  • Explicit vocabulary instruction is included in all subjects. We believe that strong language skills underpins all learning.
  • Curricular visits are planned to deepen, enrich and build on classroom learning as well as giving children opportunities for personal development.
  • Lessons begin with a recap of prior learning. This may be through quizzing, a short writing task or a quick classroom discussion.
  • Practice is guided initially, with levels of support being gradually withdrawn to foster student independence.
  • New learning is then presented in an engaging and creative way, in small steps and through carefully planned explanations.
  • Student participation in learning is maximised through a range of strategies: cold calling, mini whiteboards, effective questioning, and lesson delivery that is concise and engaging.


Year 1 Curriculum

In Year 1, we aim to make the transition from EYFS to Year 1 as smooth and seamless as possible. 

Our engaging and comprehensive curriculum is carefully crafted to provide a strong foundation for our students’ educational journey, with a focus on building essential skills in key subjects. In English, students will delve into phonics, reading, and early writing, fostering a lifelong love for literature. 

The teaching of mathematics encompasses fundamental concepts such as numbers, addition, subtraction, and shapes, nurturing logical thinking. Science lessons spark curiosity about the world, while history and geography units of learning introduce children to the past and the wider environment. Through a well-rounded approach, we encourage creative expression in art and music, fostering holistic development.

Year 2 Curriculum

Our Year 2 curriculum continues to build upon the solid foundation laid in Year 1. 

In English, students refine their reading and writing skills, exploring more complex texts and enhancing their communication abilities and skills. In Mathematics, students continue to deepen their understanding of numbers and cover topics such as multiplication, division, measurements, and basic fractions, developing numerical fluency. 

Scientific inquiry deepens, with students delving into hands-on experiments and discovering the wonders of the natural world. Year 2 also sees an expansion of historical and geographical knowledge, fostering a deeper understanding of significant events and people from the past and further exploring our impact on the world around us. As we believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals, our art and music curriculum encourages self-expression and creativity. 

Year 3 curriculum

Year 3 marks the start of Key Stage 2, and as our students progress through their educational journey, our curriculum remains closely aligned with the UK National Curriculum. 

In English, students further refine their reading comprehension, writing fluency, and verbal communication skills, engaging with a wider range of literary genres. In Mathematics, students learn more advanced concepts, including multiplication, division, fractions, and the introduction of geometry, enhancing problem-solving abilities. Their scientific exploration expands to cover diverse topics such as plants, animals, forces, and magnets, nurturing a deep curiosity about the world. 

Year 3 also delves deeper into history and geography, providing students with a richer understanding of the past and a broader perspective on global cultures. Our commitment to holistic development continues with comprehensive art, music, STEAM+, drama, and food technology lessons, allowing students to explore their creative potential. 

Year 4 Curriculum

Building upon the solid foundation of previous years, Year 4 continues to offer engaging and dynamic learning experiences. 

In English, students enhance their literary analysis, creative writing, and public speaking skills, diving into more complex texts and honing their ability to express ideas articulately. Mathematics takes on a more challenging dimension, encompassing topics such as fractions, decimals, geometry, and data interpretation, fostering critical thinking and reasoning. Scientific skills and understanding are further developed with investigations into electricity, sound, and the human body, nurturing a strong sense of curiosity and discovery. 

Year 4 history and geography units expand students’ understanding of historical events, societies, and geographical landscapes, encouraging them to think globally. Our commitment to a well-rounded education is evident in our comprehensive art, music, STEAM+, drama and food technology programs, allowing students to showcase their creativity. 

Year 5 Curriculum

Aligned with the UK National Curriculum, Year 5 offers an inspiring and rigorous educational journey

In English, students delve into more advanced literature, honing their critical analysis, persuasive writing and presentation skills, fostering a deeper appreciation for language and communication. Mathematics reaches new heights, covering concepts such as fractions, decimals, percentages, geometry and algebra, cultivating problem-solving prowess and mathematical reasoning. 

Scientific exploration takes an exciting turn with topics such as Earth and space, and the properties of matter, igniting a passion for inquiry and scientific thinking. Year 5 history and geography units of work exploring ancient civilizations, the study of global landmarks, and the impact of human activity, encouraging students to think critically about the world around them. Building on core knowledge and skills honed in lower Key Stage 2, students continue to further examine our comprehensive art, music, STEAM+, drama and food technology programs, allowing students to nurture their creative talents and ‘go beyond’ in their learning. 

Year 6 Curriculum

Year 6 marks our students’ final phase of their primary educational journey

In English, students master advanced literary analysis, persuasive writing and effective communication, preparing them to express ideas with confidence. Mathematics reaches its pinnacle, encompassing complex topics such as algebra, geometry, ratios and statistics, equipping students with the mathematical acumen needed for the next phase of their learning. Scientific exploration deepens further, covering topics such as light, evolution and ecosystems, fostering critical thinking and a deep appreciation for scientific inquiry. 

In Year 6 history and geography, students delve into pivotal events, influential figures and global issues, encouraging students to think critically about the past and present. As students prepare for their transition to secondary education, our comprehensive art, music, STEAM+, drama and food technology programmes allow them to showcase their creative talents. With the guidance of our dedicated educators, Year 6 becomes a transformative year of academic excellence, personal growth and preparation for the exciting challenges of secondary school and beyond.