Expo 2020 Trip

Today our Year 5 pupils under the supervision of Ms Steph acted as superb ambassadors for Star International School while visiting the Expo 2020 site. They were taken on a full tour of the area, being able to see all the construction of the building and districts. They were shown the ‘opportunity, sustainability and mobility districts’ as well as the new metro link.

After the tour children had an activity session where they could ask questions about Expo2020.

Here are a few facts you might not know about Expo 2020 which we found out:

1. The site office took 90 days to build.
2. 10,000 people are working onsite today
3. Next year 40,000 people per day will be working onsite
4. There are 30,000 parking spaces
5. AFTER EXPO2020 the site will be a city called DISTRICT 2020.

A fabulous time for Year 5 to be part of UAE evolution!!!